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MotherSpace is a free drop-in group that takes place on Monday afternoons. The group is a place for women to come with their baby until they are crawling. The group is facilitated and mums are introduced to each other to help make friends. The relaxed, informal atmosphere helps mothers to feel comfortable – to share the highs and lows of parenting. There is lots of tea, eating biscuits and chatting.

We know that keeping to a time schedule with a baby can be tricky so mums are welcome anytime between 2pm - 4pm.

The group provides a safe space for mums with a new baby to talk to other mums about the joys and challenges of new parenting. 

Certain dates are earmarked for talks that centre around a specific topic of babycare and these dates will be posted on our general Facebook page as well as on our website.  

On these dates the format of MotherSpace will differ from the sessions but you are still welcome to come along and enjoy refreshments and the space.

Who can attend?

Any mum with a new baby. Grandmothers and lesbian partners are also welcome to come along with the mum and new baby.


These groups are fully funded, and completely free to attend. 


MotherSpace will run at our centre in the Pleasance, and you are welcome to drop in anytime between 2pm - 4pm on Mondays. 

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