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I offer Homeopathy consultations to women before, during and after pregnancy, to their partners, to their babies and children from newborn and up to the age of 5. I have clients of all ages from birth to 90 years old.
My first involvement with the PPC was through my pregnancies and then by being a Trustee for a number of years. I am passionate about the health of women and their babies, children and families and excited at the scope for enhancing health and wellbeing at the deepest level through Homeopathy.
I first started learning Homeopathy at evening classes and study groups over 35 years ago, and completed a 4-year course in 1998. I learn more every day through the people who come to see me, in my search for the best possible homeopathic remedy for each person. My own knowledge is always evolving through study, reading, professional supervision and by attending a wide range of seminars and CPD events in the UK and Europe.
I was involved in setting up the first Scottish Birth Teachers course which I also attended. I have been involved with pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postnatal support and parenting since being pregnant with my daughter 33 years ago.
I am a Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths ( RSHom) I have a Diploma and Licentiateship in Homeopathy and an MA Honours degree in Medieval History. I also offer Professional Supervision and Mentoring.
I have 3 children, all now adults. Homeopathy was invaluable, essential in fact, for me in caring for their health and wellbeing from my pregnancies onwards.
Along with my constant explorations in Homeopathy I spend as much time as I can singing, in various groups in Edinburgh and elsewhere with friends. Working with sound, voice, harmony and resonance fits so well with Homeopathy. I am learning to grow food in containers – using homeopathy in my gardening efforts – and spend time with my feisty grandchildren and getting to as many good plays and films as I possibly can.

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I am the father of two grown-up children and have been in therapeutic practice for over 30 years, since 1985. 
I graduated with broad-ranging degrees in both science and arts. I have a lifelong interest in the inner life, having taught meditation in my 20s and in the energetic nature of life, having studied and practised Polarity Therapy for 10 years.
I am a fully-trained, registered and insured Craniosacral Therapist and I am fully-qualified in working with mothers and babies. I have offered Craniosacral Therapy since 1994 and have been working with them since 2000. I am a clinical supervisor and undertake ongoing professional development in a wide range of areas including Trauma, Pre- and Peri-Natal Therapy and the work of the HeartMath Institute.
I joined the PPC in January 2010 because I strongly believe in the work that the Centre is doing. I also have a firm belief in the value of Craniosacral work for both mothers and babies, and would like to make it as available as possible. I think every baby would benefit from having Craniosacral treatment after birth to help them clear any compressions resulting from the last weeks of pregnancy or during birth.
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I am passionate about living true to my heart and soul, and empowering others to do the same. I offer Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology and Active Listening Therapy through the PPC. I have supported many women and families around the time of birth and am passionate that they feel empowered and in their strength whatever their circumstances. I greatly admire the work done at the PPC and the role it plays in supporting families throughout Scotland.

I obtained a First Class Honours degree in Psychology in 2003 and have completed a Certificate in Counselling skills. I trained as a reflexologist in 2008 and have completed courses in maternity and fertility reflexology. I support women and families before conception, through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. It seems invaluable that people have a place to explore their concerns, work through any fears or anxieties and feel positive about making choices that are right for them. I have always been drawn to caring for others and have worked in various ways to support births, as post natal support, teaching, offering reflexology, running workshops and retreats among other things.

Apart from my work, I love connecting with women in a circle, I love to dance, sing, cook and be creative. I love spending time in nature, it brings me a great sense of peace and upliftment. To find out more about me, visit my website 

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