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Meet the wonderful team who will deliver your sessions


Yoga for Pregnancy / Motherwalk / Homebirth Support Group / Active Birth Workshop

I began my relationship with the wonderful place that is the Pregnancy and Parents Centre in 2004 when I was pregnant with my first child. I found the place to be then as it is now – warm, welcoming and supportive of any choices we made as a family around birth and parenting. We went on to use many of the facilities and classes for our next two children too.

Having practiced yoga before, I completed a course of study over two years (based at the PPC) learning about birth education, yoga for pregnancy and group facilitation. This all stood me in good stead for beginning to offer yoga sessions here and joining a team of experienced, guiding teachers. I still learn every day from all of the people I encounter and come to know at the PPC. During this time I also became involved in running a monthly homebirth support group, joining the board of trustees, teaching Active Birth workshops and also offering birth doula support.

I have enjoyed being part of many families’ journeys as they become parents; a hugely important time where many learn of their strength, of their vulnerability, and of what is most important to them. I hope that I can, in any small way, support this process and the varied choices of families.

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Founder / Active Birth Workshop / Yoga for Pregnancy

I am one of the Trustees and also run several weekly Yoga for Pregnancy groups and some of the Active Birth Workshops. I am a member of the Birth Project Group and co-facilitator of the Birth Educators course.
I became involved in childbirth issues while I was pregnant with my first child in 1976 and quickly understood both the impact of pregnancy and birth on women and families and the difference support and information can make. Through the yoga groups, I hope to contribute positively to women’s physical, emotional and spiritual experience of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. I joined the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) in 1980 after the birth of my third baby and am currently one of its Vice Chairs. I completed the first Birth Teacher’s Course through the West London Birth Centre in 1982 and have run pregnancy groups in Edinburgh since 1985.
I completed a PhD on women’s experiences of home births in 2002, which was published as a book, ‘Birthing Autonomy: Women’s Experiences of Planning Home Births’. I continue to research and write about birth issues in books and journals and was co-editor of the MIDIRS Midwifery Digest.
I live with my husband and am fortunate to be a mother of three grown-up children, and Grannie to three beautiful grandchildren. My passions are my family, improving women’s and families’ experiences of birth and researching into and campaigning on the politics of birth and midwifery.


Baby Massage & First Aid 

I teach Baby Massage at the PPC. Many years ago, I taught my first baby massage classes in Nadine’s living room as the PPC was developing. What I did continued to grow, just as the PPC has. I now run the Scottish School of Child and Baby Massage where, as well as working with parents, we teach health visitors, midwives and nursery nurses how to teach baby massage to parents.
I am committed to helping parents and babies in what-ever way I can. As much as we love our babies, parenting can be a full-on job. Baby Massage, after five-six weeks of learning, can be one of the times we put everything aside and connect with our babies in a relaxed easy way. Done little and often, massage can help with sleep, constipation, colic and more. In a peaceful class setting there is also time for a hot cup of tea and getting to know and meet other parents and creating new support groups. Making new connections as parents is vital for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Believe me I know! Having raised four of my own children, two step-children and one adopted child – I fully understand the challenges and joys of being a parent.
I look forward to meeting you.


Breastfeeding Support Group & Preparation for Breastfeeding Workshop

I first attended yoga with Nadine at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre in 2006 when I was pregnant with my second child. It was a transformative experience, there were always fascinating discussions (with great biscuits) and I always felt heard, supported and importantly encouraged to make my own decisions about my birth journey.
Following my baby’s birth, I struggled with breastfeeding. This was a shock for me after having such success first-time round, and I ended up stopping much earlier than I had planned to after just a few weeks. In preparation for my third child’s arrival in 2013, I consumed all of the information I could about breastfeeding, and this time had resounding success, feeding him until just after his second birthday. One of the main reasons I succeeded was that when he was a few months old, I started a breastfeeding support group in my local area. I wanted parents to have easy access to the support that is crucial for establishing good breastfeeding relationships, whilst making quality friendships. This was the support I really needed myself. I now volunteer at several groups in Midlothian and am continuing my training as a breastfeeding supporter.
I am absolutely delighted to be facilitating the PPC's first breastfeeding support group, and, from January 2023 also the Preparation for Breastfeeding Workshop. At both,  I so look forward to meeting you all and hearing your stories.
I am originally from Glasgow, but now live in Midlothian with my three wonderful children aged 16, 14 and 7. When I’m not talking about breastfeeding and placentas, you can find me wandering in the hills!


Yoga With Babies

The world of pregnancy, birth and parenting opened up for me in 1995 when I met childbirth educator Nadine Edwards with her respecting, informed and nurturing perspective. We started working together in a number of areas and I came to focus on the postnatal side of what is now the PPC. I was able to bring my experience as a Yoga and Alexander Technique teacher; then, after the birth of my own baby in 2001, I took the Birthlight Diploma in Baby Yoga and Massage. In Yoga with Babies I aim to provide a place which is completely accepting and respectful of all parents and babies however they find themselves in the challenging process of being a parent. Yoga is a wonderful way for parents and babies to simply have fun together whilst also developing vitality and ease, flexibility, strength and self confidence. Fun is such a good ingredient in effective learning and finding one’s own learning path is essential. I am constantly learning through continuing professional development in Yoga, including Baby Yoga, and in Alexander Technique.
My regular work with the PPC is complemented by my general Yoga teaching. I particularly enjoy teaching small groups, one to one classes and also on the PPC’s Birth Educators' Courses. I continue to teach Alexander Technique and with this too I have a particular interest in working with women during pregnancy, in preparation for birth and in the postnatal period.


MotherSpace / Dads-to-be workshop

I am the facilitator for the MotherSpace group for new mums and the Dads-to-Be courses at the PPC. I have been working with new parents and parents-to-be in Edinburgh for over nine years and have been facilitating these classes at the PPC for around three years. I have a Diploma in Antenatal Education and in Baby Massage from the University of Worcester and sound, up-to-date knowledge of pregnancy, birth and parenting skills, including perinatal mental health and wellbeing.

I was introduced to the PPC through my colleague Liz Foster and started facilitating the MotherSpace group to cover Liz’s holidays. This introduction to the PPC showed me what a relaxed, friendly and nourishing place it was and when the opportunity came up to facilitate the Dads-to-Be classes and the MotherSpace group full-time I was pleased to do so. My groups at the PPC provide a welcoming space for new parents to come together to explore their experiences of being parents and share their thoughts, feelings and the joys and challenges of new parenting in a safe and welcoming environment. We also do a really good cup of tea and a biscuit!


Music with Jackie

I came to the PPC during my first pregnancy through the wonderful Yoga for Pregnancy classes and the Birth Preparation workshop with Nadine. Following the birth of my son we attended the  music classes. It was here that I realised that this was something I could enjoy doing and be good at. As fate would have it I was given the opportunity when Nicola (the music facilitator at the time) announced she was leaving due to her second pregnancy. So I took on the role of music facilitator for two classes a week and since then have developed my own unique music programme for babies and small children up to preschool age. It is now called “Music with Jackie” and has grown somewhat. 
I have a diploma in Modern Musicianship. Primarily I am a singer but I also play the guitar, compose and perform. 
In 2012 I was delighted to win the Netmums “Favourite Preschool Class” in Edinburgh.
I thoroughly enjoy facilitating the classes. It’s such a privilege to watch the children develop musically and grow in confidence over the years they are with me.
I have a real passion for music and singing and a strong belief in the importance of music during a child’s formative years. I hope my classes reflect the joy and dedication I put into them. 
Apart from music, singing and learning to play the piano I love nature, walking, reading and writing. I also enjoy singing in the “Aberlady Sessions” Band.

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Yoga for Pregnancy

I first came to the PPC when pregnant with my first son eleven years ago. Attending Yoga for Pregnancy and different groups I went to after having my son, helped me navigate through my journey of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. 

I always thought… I would love to hold this kind of space, where women can feel supported, nurtured, informed and empowered as I did.

After having my son I embarked on a new professional journey. Having previously dedicated my professional life to social work, I decided I wanted to re-train to be able to support other women from different angles in their journey to motherhood. 

I became a massage therapist and trained in pregnancy and postnatal massage. I then did the Birth Educator’s Course at the PPC, where I learned the foundations for me to facilitate pregnancy yoga and birth education groups.

I’ve also trained in hypnobirthing and run courses with pregnant women and their birth partners to help them in their preparation for birth as well as baby massage with parents and babies.

I’m passionate about the work I do and continue to learn and grow every day to be able to better support women and their partners in their own journeys.

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