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Our workshops are a great way to connect, find support and get information on any aspect of childbirth, parenthood and caring for your baby.

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First Aid Kit

So many birth partners have told us that they are worried that they won’t know what to do during labour, or how to support their partner. Our Active Birth Workshop aims to show both pregnant women and their birth companions useful and practical ways that can help with labour and birth.

The PPC Dads-To-be course is a midwife-created course for expectant dads with lots of discussion, practical advice and workshop activities. This is an invaluable practical course for men who would like to build their confidence around early parenting skills. From baby care to emotional issues, the sessions will involve open discussion and give plenty of time for questions to be asked.

We recognise how valuable basic first aid knowledge is as a parent and in life generally. Our Baby First Aid session is a non-certificated workshop aiming to give confidence to parents in dealing with common childhood emergencies.

This workshop looks at how parents-to-be feel when they contemplate feeding their new baby, and on the practical aspects of how breastfeeding works, and how to avoid common difficulties. 
Building on what they already know about baby feeding, the discussion explores how breastfeeding supports mother-baby connection and provides babies with warmth, food, comfort and protection. Short video clips show what babies do when in skin-to-skin contact in the first hour after birth, how to help your baby attach well, and a variety of comfortable positions for feeding.

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