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The Pregnancy and Parents Centre is committed to inclusive education and support for all who choose to use us. However, as a small charity we need to consider carefully issues around sustainability, especially as we grow and develop. 
For this reason we have looked carefully at how we respond to the many requests that are made of us. We believe that our first priority is to the women and their families who use the Pregnancy and Parents Centre during their childbearing years and beyond. We also acknowledge that we have personal priorities; ourselves and our families and that we cannot nurture and support others without first nurturing closer to home. Therefore, for the time being, we will not offer ‘sitting-in’ places in any of our classes or groups apart from occasional placements to student midwives or those studying closely-related subjects.
We will be discussing this issue regularly as we develop in recognition that our resources change constantly and our abilities to support growth and education of others in a sustainable manner change too.

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