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Volunteering Vacancy

One of our aims and objectives is to involve our families in the work of the charity and we are looking for a volunteer who would be interested in working with our coordinator to help us roll out a project we have been aiming to begin throughout 2023.

This project would be led by our volunteer, who could work in their own time (at the centre). We envisage this project being 5-6 weeks at most, with a commitment of about 2 hours per week (timing flexible on a weekly basis but does have to be carried out during business hours).

The aim of the project is to contact local GP surgeries and midwifery teams to arrange the delivery of our leaflets for their practices. This will primarily be a phone based role.  Thereafter, along with our coordinator, our volunteer will oversee the distribution of our leaflets (but is not expected to actually deliver them).

To find out more about the role please email: and share a bit more about your skills etc. We would love to hear from you.


Running a centre that supports over 250 visitors per week is a lot of work and we rely hugely on the helpful hands of volunteers. But we are also really keen to help our volunteers grow in confidence and learn new skills or share their knowledge with us! It is a two way-thing but there are a wealth of benefits for everyone.

We are often told that helping the PPC thrive brings volunteers so many benefits including making new friends, building up parenting confidence, feeling fuzzy and warm around helping the community and (very popular!) a sense of 'finishing a job' – something that can be missing when you step out of your working life into being a parent.


We welcome volunteers on a short-term basis (whilst they are on maternity leave, for example) or longer term, perhaps helping get a project off the ground that our staff and trustees can’t do alone or on an ad-hoc basis for fundraising events such as a Nearly New Sales or events which are specifically aimed at raising funds.

Here is a snapshot of the valuable work our volunteers have undertaken in the past twelve months:

  • Over 70 volunteers helped us run our four Nearly New Sales – sorting donations, promoting the event, helping on the day, providing homebaking.

  • Undertaking a review of our databases and recommending how to streamline our communications.

  • Overseeing our 'real nappy shop' – sorting donations, setting up and maintaining our second-hand shop.

  • Giving support on writing funding applications and helping us successfully apply for over £10k of funding for our groups – that represents 10% of our annual income.

  • Providing architectural drawings and models for the options for our new home at the Pleasance.

  • Packing, moving on donations and coordinating the diary for our move to the Pleasance (almost exclusively volunteer-led).

  • Managing our free library, following up on missing and late books and overseeing the catalogue of books in our inventory.

  • Laundering our pillows, cozy blankets and towels.

  • Designing our Annual Report and Account.


We are keen to build a Nearly New Sale Committee – a bunch of dedicated people who can led the organisation of our quarterly Nearly New Sales. Working alongside our office staff and trustees, you would be part of a committee that would build on experience at each sale in how to coordinate a successful fundraising event (and there is always lots of cake available to keep you energised!).

We have so many roles that volunteers can fill and would love an opportunity to chat through how we can work together. If you have any interest in being part of the PPC Volunteer Team then get in touch with Val, our Coordinator, at or use the form below. Just let us know a little bit about yourself, why you are interested in helping out at the PPC, and if there are any particular activities you would like to help with.


If you would like to volunteer with the PPC, use this form to tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll get back to you asap!

Thanks for submitting!

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