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Keith Farvis

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle whole-body hands-on therapy originally derived from osteopathy. It engages with areas of the body which have become tense, compressed, strained, depleted or stuck in some way, causing body function to be affected because of reduced flow of blood through those areas. Nerve supply, muscular function, connective tissue and bone shape may also affected along with some affect on one's emotional state. 
Craniosacral Therapy works to ease and release these areas through connecting with and supporting the body’s own natural healing ability. Keith works with every member of the family from pregnancy to babies, children and adults.

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With adults and children what is commonly reported is: ease and relaxation, resolution of symptoms, restoration of bodily function, release of trauma from the body. When it comes to babies, very often issues with feeding, digestion, sleeping and general discomfort and distress resolve within a few sessions.


The session lasts up to an hour. There will be an initial exchange of information about why you are attending followed by the hands-on treatment itself. The touch used is gentle and light. Adults and children usually lie, fully but lightly clothed, on a treatment couch. A baby usually sits on their caregiver’s lap. Keith may gently hold the head, the base of the spine, the feet and parts of the body which need attention. Treatments are generally felt to be extremely relaxing as tensions and stresses resolve and are released from the body. Where past trauma has been involved, even more care is taken.


Because Craniosacral Therapy is so gentle, it is suitable for everyone from the newborn to the elderly. It is known to be a treatment of choice for babies and children.


Keith has been a body- and energy-based therapist since 1983 and has been working with mothers and babies since 2000. One of his main joys is helping babies resolve early-life physical, functional and emotional challenges which can affect them throughout their lives. 'As the twig is bent, so the tree grows.' (ancient proverb)


Keith's sessions are charged on a sliding scale of £30-£55, depending on household income. A calculator can be found at the weblink below. 

Check out all the information at KEITHFARVIS.CO.UK, then email him or call him on 07411 934 362. 

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